Project C3

Project C3 – An integrated program-wide outreach strategy based on a PontoCaspian Information System >(PC‐IS) as effective communication tool. > Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden - ESR >Aleksandre Gogaladze – Supervisor >Dr Niels Raes:

The PC‐IS as a web‐based experimental interface that brings together the different datasets, models and databases of PRIDE and thus serves as its main data depository as well as dissemination, interactive modelling, and communication platform. Most of the underlying data will be stored in public data repositories such as GenBank, GBIF, and PANGEA for biological and geological data and the BRIDGE database for climate simulation data. Within the PC‐IS, a Pontocaspian taxonomic platform, PCTax, will be developed based on the existing “Nederlandse soortenregister” available at Naturalis. PCTax is designed in close cooperation with stakeholders, enables the exchange of information with international repositories (GBIF, EOL) and is intended to remain an active online repository and source of information beyond the PRIDE project. The actual scientific part involves the development of an effective communication strategy for the PRIDE project to stakeholders and the public through stakeholder analyses and consultation based on the PC‐IS. This information will then be used to implement an interactive modelling interface in PC‐IS where stakeholders can perform simplified model simulations of biotic responses to various Global Change and environmental scenarios.