Project B5

Project B5 – Successive Quaternary palaeoenvironments in the Pontocaspian domain combining sedimentary, paleontological and geochemical data. – >Utrecht University – ESR >Liesbeth Jorissen – Supervisor >Prof. Wout Krijgsman

The sedimentary context of the fossil‐bearing successions studied in projects A5, B1, B2 and B3 will deliver insight into the palaeoenvironmental conditions and identify drivers of environmental change. This will be achieved by combining sedimentary facies analyses, fossilization analyses (B1 and B2), stable isotope analyses and sediment geochemistry. Sedimentary and taphonomic analyses comprehend the description and interpretation of the depositional environments. Source area dynamics, transport mechanism, lake level, clastic input and climate conditions are reconstructed. The latter will be specifically analyzed by stable isotopes (oxygen and carbon) in conjunction with orbitally forced sedimentary cyclicity (A1). Sediment geochemistry analyses will particularly focus on water chemistry changes (oxygenation and salinity) during glacial cycles as well as the driving climatic conditions (precipitation‐evaporation balance).