Project A2

Project A2 – A Quaternary climate model for the Pontocaspian Basins – >Bremen University – ESR >Sri Nandini – Supervisor >Prof. Matthias Prange.

This project explores the evolution of the precipitation‐evaporation (P‐E) balance in the catchments of the different Pontocaspian lake basins building on 10 existing simulations. These model runs will be integrated with new simulations using the Community Climate System Model version 3 (CCSM3) and at the same to generate a series of time slice climate model simulations through glacial‐interglacial cycles over the past 1 Ma. Particular emphasis will be placed on the last glacial cycle (past 150 ka) for which freshwater hosing experiments will be performed to assess the effects of Dansgaard‐Oeschger (DO) and Heinrich events (HE) on the regional P‐E balance. Continuous P‐E time series will be constructed from the set of climate model experiments to provide the necessary input for the Hydra lake‐basin model of project A3. Several additional simulations using both CCSM3 and HadCM3 will be run with strongly increased lake surfaces (e.g. the high‐stand intervals) in order to assess the impact of lake‐surface area on regional climate.