Project A1

Project A1 – An Age model for the Quaternary Pontocaspian Basins – >Utrecht University – ESR >Sergei Lazarev – Supervisor >Prof. Wout Krijgsman.

Integrated (magneto‐bio‐cyclo) stratigraphies will be constructed for 5 key successions within the core Pontocaspian area as well as in 4 Anatolian basins to derive high‐resolution time frames and records of environmental change that extends similar approaches in Neogene deposits of these basins. If available, volcanic ash layers will be targeted specifically for radiometric dating. Integration of biostratigraphic analyses will be obtained through comprehensive collaboration with the components of WP2. Cyclostratigraphic correlation to the astronomically‐dated records of the open ocean will help to understand the relationship of past lake dynamics with orbitally‐forced climate change (with project B5).