WWF Ukraine new partner in PRIDE

We are very pleased that WWF Ukraine has become a partner in PRIDE. WWF Ukraine will be advisor to our PRIDE project. WWF Ukraine Project officer for Danube/Freshwater Ms. Nataliia Gozak will be advising us on outreach activities in general and will help us organizing outreach activities in Ukraine. 

Nataliia Gozak is also involved in the Life for Danube Sturgeons (LIFE+ project). Nataliia Gozak aims to enhance inter-project cooperation, networking and leveraging the results in both the Sturgeons and PRIDE project.

The Life for Danube Sturgeons project for “Sustainable protection of lower Danube sturgeons by preventing and counteracting poaching and illegal wildlife trade” is coordinated by WWF Austria and implemented in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine from October 2016 until December 2020. The project is financed with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community and by WWF.

This is a follow up of the Sturgeons - protect Danube's treasures project for “Joint actions to raise awareness on overexploitation of Danube sturgeons in Romania and Bulgaria” that ran from July 2012 to September 2015 and aimed to tackle overfishing, the main direct threat to the survival of Danube sturgeons. 


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