Very positive review for PRIDE

On 16 February we had the mid-term review meeting in Leiden. The conclusions of the EU project officer and the expert reviewer were very positive:

“PRIDE provides an excellent training, scientific and career development platform for young scientists. [..] 

The presented results during the reporting period are in very good scientific quality. [..]

The work contributes to European policy objectives and strategies in particular in relation to biodiversity. The work will provide a deeper understanding of the causes of the Pontocaspian biodiversity crisis and thereby enable more effective management of this crisis [..]

Outreach planning has been excellent and communication actions to date (e.g. the website) are good. [..]

The project management is running very well and is highly professional. [..] ”

We are very happy and will keep up the good spirit. 


Part of the PRIDE group plus partners after the mid-term review at the presentation of the new book of Salomon Kroonenberg called Spiegelzee.