Pontocaspian Information System PC-IS

This is the link to PC-IS, the Pontocaspian Information system. This system contains information on climate, anthropogenic pressure and biodiversity in the Caspian Sea - Black Sea region ("the Pontocaspian"). As part of the PRIDE program we have been assembling occurrence data of the threatened Pontocaspian molluscs in our PC-TAX system. The combined PC-Tax and PC-IS systems will allow you to explore aspects of climate, environment and biodiversity in the Pontocaspian region. And it contains information on the stakeholder organisations in Ukraine and Romania that are involved in Pontocaspian biodiversity conservation and conservation planning.
You can explore
  • The occurence of Pontocaspian species in the Black Sea region
  • Climate data (climate models developed by Sri Nandini from University of Bremen) 
  • Anthropogenic impact in the Caspian Basin (developed by Matteo Lattuada from Justus Liebig University, Giessen) and soon available with the title: Differential impact of anthropogenic pressures on Caspian Sea ecoregions, authors: M. Lattuada, C. Albrecht, T. Wilke, in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin.
  • Stakeholders network in Ukraine and Romania, that are involved in Pontocaspian biodiversity conservation and conservation planning (developed by Aleksandre Gogaladze at Naturalis, The Netherlands)
We aim to improve and further extend PC-IS in the forthcoming years and welcome very much any feedback. Please send your feedback to: frank.wesselingh@naturalis.nl