Network Training Event 4, Azerbaijan, Baku. April 25 - May 1, 2016.

Beginning on April 25 and lasting until May 1, 2016 the PRIDE follow-up meeting took place in Baku for the Network Training Event (NTE) 4. During NTE 4, Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), together with local students from Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry learned about Advanced Geological Field techniques in the Caspian Region. The theme of the week was “Pontocaspian Rise in the Caspian Sea”. With the guidance provided by the PRIDE supervisors and the assistance of partners from Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, ESRs gained understanding on how, when and why the Pontocaspian speceis entered the Caspian Sea and how the fauna evolved through time. ESRs and students from the local institutions did the hands-on geological exercises by which they created their own geological maps and defined the geological boundaries. Later, the geological observations were converted to paleoenvironmental models. Particular attention was also paid to setting up a successful field sampling campaign practices, and doing the field observations relevant to the collaborative research questions, and taking and recording measurements in the field.

One of the days of the training event was devoted to a conference at the Geological Institute of Azerbaijan. During the conference several ESRs, PRIDE supervisors and partners from the Geological Institute presented about their research in the region. Besides the geological program, the NTE 4 involved several cultural stops for introducing ESRs to the ancient history of Azerbaijan.