Discover the unique mollusk fauna of the Black Sea - Identification sheet

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PRIDE proudly presents the identfication sheet to the most characteristic mollusk species of the Black Sea. We invite everybody to participate in the PRIDE project by uploading observations to the iNaturalist portal. Find pdfs of the identification sheets in four different languages on this page.

To engage with citizen scientists the PRIDE project has developed an identification sheet to the most chararcteristic mollusks of the Black Sea. The identification sheet covers species that occur in the Black Sea, Estuarine-coastal lake areas - the typical Pontocaspian habitat, and in fresh water habitats. The identification sheet also has a short manual on how to upload your observations to the iNaturalist portal and allows everybody to particpate in PRIDE and to enrich the dataset available to biodiversity science in the Black Sea.

The purpose of the leaflet is: (1) Raise awareness of the uniqueness of Pontocaspian biodiversity and the current biodiversity crisis in different target groups. (2) Collect data on recent distribution of the Pontocaspian, Marine, Freshwater and invasive mollusk species in Northern Black Sea through the joint efforts of citizen scientists. This will help us update our distribution maps on our taxonomic platform: PC-Tax ( whereupon we will be able to identify the areas of follow up action.