Yavar Moshirfar

Yavar Moshirfar

Brunel University of London
Early Stage Researcher, Marie Curie Fellow
Contact: Moshirfar@gmail.com, also available on Linkedin and Google +

My research scope and aim:

Palynological aspects of Pontocaspian development and basin development study. For this, we are going to process Quaternary sediments with palynological processes and then start to scrutinize them in means of Paleotemperature, Paleoproductivity, basin chemistry and other aspects of Paleoecology and Paleoceanography. Gathering all information about those little marine fella, we will entering some models that can show us how this basin developed and how was its catchment dynamics. This project is about combine and share all data from PRIDE family.


Azeri, Persian, Turkish, English (Fluent) French,German and Latin (limited) and Sumerian (Ancient and extinct Language of a Middle-east tribe)