Sergei Lazarev

Sergei Lazarev

Sergei Lazarev

Institute: Utrecht University, Department of Earth Sciences, Paleomagnetic Laboratory ‘Fort Hoofddijk’.

Email address:

Spoken languages: Russian, English, German.

Statement of interest:

- Geology

- Paleomagnetism

- Sedimentology

- Paleoenvironmental reconstructions


- BSc in Stratigraphy and Paleontology (The National Research Tomsk State University - Russia);

- MSc in Stratigraphy (The National Research Tomsk State University - Russia);

- MSc in Past and Current Geoenvironments (The University Lille 1 - France).

Project description:

In the present time, the Pontocaspian region consists of the Black and Caspian Seas and numerous isolated lakes in Anatolia and Balkan Peninsula. Since the beginning of the Quaternary period (2,588 Ma), which is characterized by glacial and interglacial oscillations, the Pontocaspian region has endured many paleoenvironmental changes such as biodiversity rise and demise, tectonic restructuring of landscapes and climatic changes. In this case understanding of the geological processes happened in this region would help to solve current problems such as flooding of territories and destruction of infrastructure due to fluctuations of sea level, fast and unpredictable influence of invasive species on the local ecosystems and economies.

The project will provide an integrated stratigraphic backbone of the PRIDE program based on well-constrained age estimates for key sections and on an age model that forms the base of a series of lake basin models of the past 3 Ma in the Pontocaspian region. The provided ages will also help other ESRs to consider their data in the frames of geological time.