Manuel Sala Pérez

Manuel Sala Pérez

Personal data

  • Manuel Sala Pérez.
  • University of Bristol (
  • Interested in marine biodiversity, in particular, phytoplankton communities and aquatic ecosystem conservation and management.
  • I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Alicante (Spain). Afterwards, I took part in an Erasmus Mundus Master’s program in marine biodiversity and conservation. In 2014 I successfully submitted my master’s thesis on arctic phytoplankton, which I performed at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany.
  • Spanish and English.

Together with Alberto Gandara (left)
Me (right) with Alberto Gandara (left).

Project Information

  • Asses the Holocene biodiversity turnover in dinoflagellates communities in the Pontocaspian region.
  • Using data generated from over 80 localities across the Pontocaspian region we will build a database of modern dinoflagellates/dinocysts species and the environmental signatures of their biotopes. We will use this database to quantify species turnover with high temporal resolution during the late Pleistocene and the Holocene. In addition, we will reconstruct a dated molecular phylogeny for this group to infer patterns of endemic biodiversity and evaluate the contribution of natural and anthropogenic drivers to the species turnover.