Liesbeth Jorissen

Liesbeth Jorissen

Institute: Utrecht University,

   Department of Earth Sciences, Paleomagnetism Laboratory

Email address:

Spoken languages: French, English, Dutch, German

Statement of interest:

- Geology

- Sedimentology

- Paleoenvironmental reconstruction

- Cyclostratigraphy


- Engineer in Petroleum geology (Engineer School LaSalle Beauvais - France)

- MSc in Marine geosciences (Brest University - France)

Project description:

The Pontocaspian basin has endured successive paleoenvironmental changes during the Quaternary. It interchanged from an endorheic system with brackish or continental environments to an exorheic system, marked by a connection with the Mediterranean Sea and therefore marked with more marine environments.

The objective of this project is to propose a paleoenvironmental reconstruction by determinate successive depositional environments combining sedimentary, paleontological and geochemical data. It is also important to identify drivers for those environmental changes and how fast these are changing. Are they related to sea level variations, Milankovitch cycles or glacial/interglacial periods?

All this information could help biologists from PRIDE project to understand endemic species habitat’s conditions and their biodiversity repartition in this region. This could also indicate them if the environmental changes are related to rise and demise of endemic species in this region.