Lea Rausch

Lea Rausch

Name: Lea Rausch

Institution: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, Department of Paleontology

Statement of passion:

Particularly interested in micropalaeontology, ostracoda, biostratigraphy, paleoenvironmental reconstruction and geology.


Bachelor and Master degree in Geosciences, Georg-August University Goettingen, Germany (major field of study: Geosciences/Geobiology)

Former biostratigrapher at DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG; age-and paleoenvironment determination on core-and cutting material from Miocene – Middle Jurassic lithologies in NW Germany.

Description of my project:

Palaeoenvironmental drivers of ostracod biodiversity change in Pontocaspian Basins

Ostracods are very sensitive to environmental (e.g. salinity) change. Major salinity changes occurred in successive lake phases during the Quaternary and faunal exchange occurred in episodic connections between basins. This project will focus on environmental drivers of ostracod turnover at the onset of the modern Pontocaspian system, the last glacial cycle and the Holocene of the Caspian‐Black Sea basins. For each period the composition and diversity of faunas will be assessed from a number of sections and boreholes and compared to the sedimentary record and to mollusc fauna changes in the same sections in order to identify drivers of turnover, including anthropogenic. Further, ostracod successions in satellite basins in Anatolia and the Balkans will be studied to elucidate the role of these regions as source/sinks of Pontocaspian biota.

Languages spoken: German, English and (basic) French