Alberto Martínez Gándara

Alberto Martínez Gándara

Name: Alberto Martínez Gándara

Institution: "Grigore Antipa" National Museum of Natural History, Bucharest.


Statement of passion:

Particularly interested in organisms inhabiting the aquatic world and its conservation.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology (University of Oviedo; Spain) and a master’s degree in Marine Ecology (University of the Balearic Islands; Spain).

I have experience in environmental issues related to aquatic ecosystems and their biodiversity. I have worked with deep benthic fauna biodiversity (Oceanographic Center of Gijón; IEO), exotic mollusk species introduction (Laboratory of Zoology; University of Oviedo), human impacts on seagrass meadows (Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies; IMEDEA) and fisheries management (Regional Government of Cantabria; Spain).

Description of my project:

Patterns of biodiversity and biodiversity deterioration of Pontocaspian endemic mollusks.

Due to recent and current environmental changes, several Pontocaspian taxa are in severe decline. In this project we selected mollusks (Lymnocardiinae, Dreissenidae: Bivalvia & Pyrgulinae: Gastropoda) as a target group because their taxonomical status needs clarification and they are suffering a wide range of anthropogenic impacts that threaten their conservation status: habitat destruction, contamination, introduction of invasive species, etc. We plan to reconstruct the evolutionary history and distribution of these animals, to assess their taxonomical status and to help to develop conservation strategies. For this purpose we will carry out field work, informatic data analysis and we will use a set of molecular and morphological techniques for the differentiation of species and establishment of evolutionary relationships.

Languages spoken: Spanish, English and (basic) Romanian