15 projects

15 projects

The fifteen projects that make the programme

The PRIDE programme contains 15 projects that are carried out by the Early Stage Researchers and will lead to PhD theses. 

Project A1 – An Age model for the Quaternary Pontocaspian Basins – Utrecht University – ESR Sergei Lazarev – Supervisor Prof. Wout Krijgsman

Project A2 – A Quaternary climate model for the Pontocaspian Basins – Bremen University – ESR Sri Nandini – Supervisor Prof. Matthias Prange

Project A3 – A Quaternary lake basin model for the Pontocaspian Basins (Black Sea, Caspian Sea) – University of Reading – ESR Sifan Koriche – Supervisor Prof. Joy Singarayer

Project A4 – A geochemical reconstruction of the connectivity history of the Pontocaspian lakes (Caspian Sea, Black Sea Basin) – Bristol University – ESR Diksha Bista – Supervisor Dr Rachel Flecker

Project A5 – Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and lake basin dynamics: a marine palynological approach - Utrecht University – ESR Thomas Hoyle – Supervisor dr. Francesca Sangiorgi

**this project was terminated** Project A5 – Paleobiological proxies of lake basin and catchment dynamics - Brunel University London – ESR Yavar Moshirfar – Supervisor Prof. Suzanne Leroy  **this project was terminated**

Project B1 – Palaeoenvironmental drivers of mollusk biodiversity change in Pontocaspian Basins – Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden - ESR: Sabrina van de Velde – Supervisor: Dr Frank Wesselingh

Project B2 – Palaeoenvironmental drivers of ostracod biodiversity change in Pontocaspian Basins - University of Bucharest – ESR Lea Rausch – Supervisor Prof. Marius Stoica

Project B3 – The role of satellite regions in the evolution of Pontocaspian biota in the past 3 Ma – Justus Liebig University Giessen – ESR Arthur Sands – Supervisor Prof. Christian Albrecht

Project B4 – Past evolutionary events and diversity development in Pontocaspian mollusk groups by combined molecular and fossil data – Justus Liebig University Giessen – ESR Justine Vandendorpe – Supervisor Prof. Tom Wilke

Project B5 – Successive Quaternary palaeoenvironments in the Pontocaspian domain combining sedimentary, paleontological and geochemical data. – Utrecht University – ESR Liesbeth Jorissen – Supervisor Prof. Wout Krijgsman

Project C1 – Patterns of biodiversity and biodiversity deterioration of Pontocaspian mollusk taxa – Grigore Antipa Museum Bucharest – ESR Alberto Gandara – Supervisor Prof. Luis Popa

Project C2 – Differential impact of key‐anthropogenic drivers on the deterioration of Pontocaspian biodiversity – GiMaRIS Leiden – ESR Anouk d’Hont – Supervisor Dr Arjan Gittenberger

Project C3 – An integrated program-wide outreach strategy based on a PontoCaspian Information System >(PC‐IS) as effective communication tool - Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden - ESR Aleksandre Gogaladze – Supervisor Dr Niels Raes

Project C4 – Modelling and predicting Pontocaspian biodiversity change and crisis – Justus Liebig University Giessen – ESR Matteo Lattuada – Supervisor Prof. Tom Wilke

Project C5 – Holocene turnover in  planktonic Pontocaspian communities - Bristol University  – ESR Manuel Sala Perez – Supervisor Prof. Aleksandre Anesio