Sri Nandini will give a talk at Past Global Changes Open Science Meeting

Our researcher Sri Nandini will be giving a scientific presentation at the Past Global Changes - Open Science Meeting (5th PAGES OSM). This will be held in Zaragoza from 9-13 May 2017. Her presentation will be in the session From the Mediterranean to the Caspian: palaeoclimate variability, environmental responses and human adaptive strategies. Matthias Prange (supervisor Sri) will be one of the convenors at the open session Hydroclimate variability through the ages: Data, models, mechanisms

The Open Science Meeting (OSM) and the associated Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) are the premier scientific events of Past Global Changes (PAGES), a core project of Future Earth and a scientific partner of the World Climate Research Programme. The theme this year is "Global Challenges for our Common Future: a paleoscience perspective."

Sri's presentation will be recorded and put online afterwards. We are very excited to see the involvement of PRIDE Science at international conferences and wish Sri Nandini all the very best for this!!