PRIDE-RCMNS conference in Tbilisi

From 26 to 30 August 2018 PRIDE and RCMNS organised the PRIDE-RCMNS conference in Tbilisi, Georgia: Ecosystem isolation and connection: rise and demise of biota in the Pontocaspian-Caucasian regionAround 100 persons attended the conference. The conference was the final conference of PRIDE and it was an interim colloquium of the RCMNS, the Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy.

We organised the conference together with and at the premises of the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi. Many thanks to professor David Lordkipanidze, the director of the Museum, to Giorgi Bezarashvili, to Nino Kokolia, Mariam Inanishvili and Dr. Maia Bukshianidze and the rest of the Georgian team that organised everything so well. And many thanks to professor David Tarkhnishvili and to Dr. Levan Mumladze of department of Ecologoy of the Tbilisi State University.

Group picture of the conference

The registration desk and wonderful Georgian organisation team

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Program overviews

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Opening of the conference (left to right) Frank Wesselingh, Salomon Kroonenberg, Wout Krijgsman and David Lordkipanidze

Welcome and introduction by Frank Wesselingh (PRIDE Project director)

Talk of Sergei Lazarev: Reconstructing Pontocaspian interbasinal connections

The audience

Talk of Alberto Martinez Gandara: Rise and fall of the Pontocaspians

Talk of Aleksandre Gogaladze: Pontocaspian basin as a source and sink of invasive species: extent and mitigation strategies

Talk of Mikhail Karpinsky: Invasive species and their role in the Caspian ecosystem

Talk of Lea Rausch: Homo erectus paleoenvironments in the early Pleistocene Denizli Basin: an integrated paleontological, sedimentological and geochemical approach

Talk of Keith Richards: After the (Akchagylian) flood: what happened in the early to middle Pleistocene (Apsheronian-Bakunian) of the Caspian Sea?

Talk of Kateryna Kurakina (WWF Ukraine): The preservation of Sturgeon species in the Danube and Black Sea

Talk of Oriol Oms: The Neogene and Quaternary successions from Transcaucasian basins: advances from Georgia

The audience

The audience


Poster session

Poster session

Poster session