PRIDE - coming together in Bucharest

How trilling to finally meet everyone of the PRIDE program - all the colleagues, supervisors and partners from associated institutions in Romania. We – Aleksandre Gogaladze, Justine Vandendorpe, Liesbeth Jorissen, and Sifan Koriche are glad to share some impressions of our first two weeks together.

Our Romanian adventure consisted of two weeks of hard work in the field and evening classes. We learned about geology and biology but also engaged with each other and had great fun. The first week was about understanding the rocks which was tough for the non-geologists. On the second week the roles reversed, now geology students had new experiences. They learned about different biological sampling techniques. The overall atmosphere was strongly positive, students were constantly encouraging one another, supervisors always ready to answer questions and everyone was enthusiastic and joyful. One does not always have luxury to be part of the boat excursions in Razelm lake complex and the Black Sea international waters.

Picture 1. The PRIDE Team on the stairs of the University of Bucharest. Sheree Nandi and Yavar Moshirfar are not in the picture but they are part of the team (Photo PRIDE photographer)

Picture 2. Learning to understand rocks. A river valley in Buzau area (Photo L. Jorissen).

Picture 3.  Learning about biological sampling techniques in Lake Razelm complex (Photo A. Gogaladze).

In between two weeks of field training we gathered with everyone involved in PRIDE to meet and share our thoughts and passion. This was a two days conference in Bucharest. During the conference we learned about the Pontocaspian lake system evolution. Also, we got familiar with the benefits of multidisciplinary approaches in research, where geology/biology/climatology/hydrology can in combination disentangle questions of high complexity. We felt very special and were happy to be part of this all.

Authors: Aleksandre Gogaladze, Justine Vandendorpe, Liesbeth Jorissen, Sifan Koriche

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