Outreach in Ukraine 6 - 18 June 2016

Aleksandre Gogaladze is in Kherson in Ukraine at the moment to liaise with stakeholders in the region. The purpose of his visit is to meet with the representatives of different institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), the University of Odessa and the Ministry of Ecology to talk about the PRIDE research, find out about the priorities and practices of the stakeholders and seek for common interests. Kherson is in Southern Ukraine and it is an important port on the Black Sea and Dnieper River. The city is located along the estuary of the Dnieper river in Dnieper-liman, that flows into the Black Sea 70km downstream.

This is a short blog of Aleksandre on his third day in Ukraine:

As I promised I will keep you updated about what is going on. On Monday I already met 2 stakeholders completely unexpectedly. After breakfast with Vitaliy Anistratenko, who is a professor in zoology, working at NASU and helping me a lot with planning the meetings with stakeholders, he said he was going to visit the Odessa National University. He needed to get an official signature on some papers from the Biological faculty, the Hydrobiology department. I decided to join him and we were lucky that we had a chance to meet the Dean of the faculty Prof. Veniamin V. Zamorov.

Picture 1. This is the picture at the Biological Faculty of the Odessa University. From left to right: the Dean, Vitaliy, me and Mikhail

We gave a talk. Vitaliy introduced the work of PRIDE and our biological research in Ukraine very nicely and finally introduced me to the Dean. We discussed many interesting topics with the Dean about common research interests. I think the meeting was very productive. During the talk with the Dean another researcher – Dr. Mikhail O. Son, joined us from the Institute of Marine Biology of the NASU and he was also very interested in PRIDE Research. Later he took us to meet the Director of Institute of Marine Biology – Prof. Borys Aleksandrov and again we had an interesting discussion about how we could work together in the future for the benefit of both the Institute and PRIDE.

Picture 2. This is a picture at the Institute of Marine Biology. From left to right: me, the Director, Vitaliy, Mikhail

Yesterday evening I arrived in Kherson from Odessa and today I spent the whole day at the Kherson Hydrobiology Station. The nature, the atmosphere, and the people were truly amazing. Thanks to the director of the Station Dr. Sergey Ovechko, and researchers who work there I learned about their practices, priorities and the limitations of their conservation efforts. They have been doing intensive research obtaining quantitative results on hydrology and biology of Dnieper South Bug Estuary regularly since 1963. Again the discussion about how PRIDE could link to the Station was very interesting and promising.

Picture 3. Here is the picture from the Kherson Hydrobiology Station

So until now things go quite well! Tomorrow I will go to Hola Prystan, a city in Kherson Oblast to meet to the representatives from the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve.   

Authors: Aleksandre Gogaladze


Read as an interesting and promising field trip to Ukraine! Keep up the good work.

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