Article published by ESRs Arthur F. Sands and Sergei Lazarev et al (2019)

We are happy to let you know that a new PRIDE article has been published in the Journal of Biogeography:

Contributions of biogeographical functions to species accumulation may change over time in refugial regions
by Arthur F. Sands, Sergej V. Sereda, Björn Stelbrink, Thomas A. Neubauer, Sergei Lazarev, Thomas Wilke and Christian Albrecht
Journal of Biogeography 46:1274–1286 (2019)

Elevated biodiversity is the result of the cradle, museum or sink functions. The contributions of these three functions to species accumulation and their changes through time remain unknown for glacial refugia. Additionally, our understanding of the role these functions played during pre‐glacial periods is limited. We test for changes in contributions of functions through time leading to the current diversity patterns using a model refugium and taxon.

Anatolia, Western Palaearctic.

Freshwater neritid snails (genus Theodoxus).

The open-access article can be found here