Arthur Francis Sands defended his PhD-thesis

We are super proud of our PRIDE researcher Arthur Francis Sands who defended his PhD-thesis on 23 July 2020 at the JL Giessen Universitat, with prof. Tom Wilke as promotor. Congratulations, Arthur, and good luck!!

Some of his publications:

  • Sands, A.; Sereda, S.; Stelbrink, B.; Neubauer, T.A.; Lazarev, S.; Wilke, T. & Albrecht, C. (accepted): Contributions of biogeographical functions to species accumulation may change over time in refugial regions. Journal of Biogeography.
  • Wesselingh, F.P.; Neubauer, T.A.; Anistratenko, V.V.; Vinarski, M.V., Yanina, T.; ter Poorten, J.J.; Kijashko, P.; Albrecht, C.; Anistratenko, O.Y.; D’Hont, A.; Frolov, P.; Gándara, A.M.; Gittenberger, A.; Gogaladze, A.; Karpinsky, M.; Lattuada, M.; Popa, L.; Sands, A.F.; van de Velde, S.; Vandendorpe, J. & Wilke, T. (2019): Mollusc species from the Pontocaspian region – an expert opinion list. ZooKeys, 827, 31-124.
  • Sands, A.F.; Apanaskevich, D.A.; Matthee, S.; Horak, I.G. & Matthee, C.A. (2017): The effect of host vicariance and parasite life history on the dispersal of the multi‐host ectoparasite, Hyalomma truncatum. Journal of Biogeography, 44, 1124-1136.
  • Sands, A.F.; Matthee, S.; Mfune, J.K.E. & Matthee, C.A. (2014): The influence of life history and climate driven diversification on the mtDNA phylogeographic structures of two southern African Mastomys species (Rodentia: Muridae: Murinae). Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society, 114, 58-68.
  • Sands, A.F, Glöer, P, Gürlek, M.E, Albrecht, C, & Neubauer, T.A. (2020). A revision of the extant species of Theodoxus (Gastropoda, Neritidae) in Asia, with the description of three new species. Zoosystematics and Evolution96, 25–66. doi:10.3897/zse.96.48312