9th Training Event at Bristol University

From 16-19 April 2018 the 9th Training Event is organized by PRIDE researchers Diksha Bista, Manuel Sala Perez and prof. Rachel Flecker at the University of Bristol. The program comprises preparations for the final conference in Tbilisi (Georgia) in August 2018. The researchers are discussing the organization and are working on integrated talk sessions. Furthermore there is a writing retreat, with writing that contributes directly to their papers and thesis, and providing them with strategies for managing the writing and editing. There will also be preparations for the future: finding a job to apply for, CV’s, cover letters, interviews, negotiating salary. This will be led by career advisor with expertise in non-academic jobs. And there will be former MSCA-students, e.g. Medgate ESRs, who will explain their experiences on the job market.

University of Bristol

PRIDE researchers are working on integrated talks


PRIDE researchers are picking their strengths and skills cards, and doing lots of self reflection during a career planning course