Project A5

Project A5 – Paleobiological proxies of lake basin and catchment dynamics - > Brunel University London – ESR >Yavar Moshirfar – Supervisor >Prof. Suzanne Leroy:

Dinoflagellates are part of the phytoplankton and produce cysts that are well preserved in the Pontocaspian fossil record. The dinocysts alongside other palynomorphs (pollen, spores, non‐pollen palynomorphs) will be used to assess changes in palaeoenvironmental  conditions during the Late Pleistocene and Holocene in the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and the Aral Basin. Once these three sequences  covering  the  same  period  are  obtained,  it becomes  possible  to improve  the understanding of the biogeographical connections between and catchment dynamics of the basins. Possible drivers of turnover (isolation and/or rapid environmental change) will be explored further in conjunction with data obtained from the other projects in WP1 and WP2.