Work package 4

Work package 4: Managing PRIDE  

Making a large training network like PRIDE with so many countries, people and training/network events work well, requires a great amount of organisation. The program is lead by >Dr. Frank Wesselingh and managed by the programme manager Caroline van Impelen both from Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden.

We are supported by a dedicated team of professionals, including Tom Biessels and Susan Niessen for HRM, Jan-Willem Mantel for contract details, Jasper Zoet and Koen Berkenbosch for financial advice, Daphne Duijn and Wilfred Gerritsen for ICT advice and support and Rebecca Reurslag for PR support. This website has been built by Adrie Berg.

Our programme management benefits also very much from the ITN MEDGATE run through >Prof. Rachel Flecker (programme director) and Dr Carla Sands (programme manager) of the Bristol University.